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Tanza Child Development Centre


building 800x599     The Tanza Child Development Centre (TCDC), a government-recognized educational institution dedicated to the development of Cavite's children, was founded in 1989. With its beginning as a pre-school, it now also has co-educational elementary and high school programs. It boasts of having modern facilities which include computer systems with the latest software, well-equipped laboratories, training systems for electronics and computer technology and a library of printed and multimedia reference material. The school regularly acquires instructional material and equipment from other countries and maintains an Internet connection for student use. It has a spacious well-secured campus of over 4,000 square meters with four buildings housing the classrooms, library, computing facilities and playground.



TCDC has a museum containing a small collection and a portion of the Potenciano Gabriel collection of stuffed birds, which dates back to the first haslf of the 20th century

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      Class sizes are limited to levels which are optimal for learning. Students are encouraged to explore and learn independently and participate in activities which will enhance their social skills. They are trained to be confident in applying the latest information technology tools for research and learning.

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      TCDC's vision is for it to be the leader in science and technology education in the primary and secondary levels. To this end it continues to invest in curriculum design, teacher training and facilities development. Materials are obtained from other countries when necessary. New technology tools are incorporated in the school programs as soon as they are available.

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      TCDC was founded by Pedro P. Solis, M.D.Ll.B.D.Crim former NBI Deputy Director, Medico-legal practitioner and professor, Outstanding Citizen of Tanza and a native of Julugan, Tanza, Cavite and Victoria Gabriel-Solis, M.D.C.Ph.